Starbucks Inclusive Design

Inclusive Design Research & Critique session

Sep-Oct 2023


Allison Ren
Anupama Krishnan
María Sanz de Santamaría
Pan Xie
Paige Furlan
Su Lynn Myat

Project Type

UIUX Research
Inclusive Research
Research Proposal



The challenge &
Value proposition

People with short-sightedness often face embarrassment when ordering at Starbucks
Introducing a futuristic concept to Starbucks through the Digital Immersive Experience Lab, which harnesses advanced tools like AR glasses and the DinnerBot, a personalized ordering assistant. This innovative approach empowers individuals to enjoy their Starbucks experience confidently without any barriers and making use of all the human.

The solution

Leverage on Digital tool to help Short-sighted people
Our Starbucks Future Labs helps short-sighted people who want to maintain the agency and minimize the helplessness while enjoying a beverage at Starbucks by eliminating confusion, disconnection, and the embarrassment cased by vision barriers. It provides seamless services to have immersive experience to be productive and confident unlike other pushy and fast paced coffee shops.

The Process

Interview is a key process in identifying the root of the problem
We followed a three-step approach. First, we gathered all the interview questions. Next, we conducted the interviews, filtering out the pain points. Finally, we utilized the Business Model Canvas to consolidate all the ideas and formulate solutions.

Persona & Storyboard

Now, Starbucks offers two options: the 'Enjoyment Line' for an enhanced coffee experience and the 'Quick Line' for efficient grab-and-go service.
Personas and storyboards are essential visual tools for effectively conveying and illustrating our ideas. The 'Enjoyment Line' allows customers to experience ordering via a robot and AR glasses, enhancing their coffee enjoyment time. Conversely, the 'Quick Line' is designed for efficiency, enabling customers to use AR glasses and a robot with an appealing, suitable font, streamlining the meal ordering process for a smooth grab-and-go service.

Insight & Takeaways

Never Stop at "No" – Find Ways to Turn it into "Yes"
After presenting our idea, some classmates provided insightful suggestions. Some mentioned that the implementation seemed too expensive, while others suggested using a mobile app for ordering.
Strategic Planning
Moving forward, I envision adopting a business-oriented calculation and a well-defined stage-by-stage implementation plan for our project.
Technology is improving and we should adapt to it
Additionally, with hardware technology evolving each year, I remain confident that our proposal has significant potential in the future. The Humane AI Pin serves as a good example, challenging traditional cell phone usage scenarios. Technological advancements are likely to impact the coffee-drinking experience, similar to how the design of the Humane AI Pin challenges conventional smartphone usage.One group shared their phased implementation plan. I think this is a commendable approach as it instills confidence in investors.
Moving forward, I envision adopting a business-oriented calculation and a well-defined stage-by-stage implementation plan for our project.
The Next Project
The Next Project