EQ Hackathon 1st Place Winner Project

November 2023


Allison Ren
Owens Ehimen

Project Type

UIUX Research
Plugin Building
Video Production



The challenge

Balancing the need for protection with providing children healthy autonomy in their digital activities.
With children increasingly exposed to a vast online landscape, parents are resorting to parental guidance apps and software to safeguard their online experiences. However, implementing these apps introduces dynamics that can create various pain points for children. These challenges arise from the need to balance the desire for protection with granting children a healthy degree of autonomy in their digital activities.
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The solution

Advanced Video Preloading
The plugin operates by preloading videos 2 seconds in advance, allowing it to automatically screen out any unsuitable scenes, ensuring a seamless viewing experience for children without any disconnection.
Seamless Viewing Experience
The plugin enhances the viewing experience for young users by leveraging its preloading capabilities, thus eliminating disruptions and fostering a safe, enjoyable digital environment.
Proactive Content Filtering
An added layer of monitoring, the plugin captures screenshots and sends them to parents, offering a comprehensive solution for proactive content filtering and parental oversight.

Plugin Key features

Sad Face
Opting for the sad face triggers SafeTube to immediately halt the video, bringing children back to the home page, all while notifying them of the successful content filtering. This ensures a thoughtful and sensitive approach to their emotions.
Happy Face
If a child selects the feel-good choice, SafeTube guarantees uninterrupted viewing, with a notification popping up to confirm successful content filtering. This encourages a positive and tailored experience.
Hesitate Face
If a child selects the sad face, SafeTube promptly halts the video, returning children to the home page. Simultaneously, a notification reassures them of successful content filtering, ensuring a considerate and sensitive approach to their emotions

Insight & Takeaways

Product management
I gained insights into strategic planning, defining product goals, and implementing effective roadmaps to guide the development process.
Working dynamics
Understanding working dynamics within a team setting provided valuable lessons in adaptability, cooperation, and leveraging diverse strengths to achieve collective success. This learning journey has not only enhanced my technical skills but has also significantly contributed to my overall professional growth.
Continuous Improvement and Future Enhancements
By making our plugin available on GitHub, users can try our product, allowing us to conduct usability tests and continuously gather real user feedback for refinement. We also anticipate future enhancements and additional features, along with validating essential technical requirements such as back-end architecture and performance.
The Next Project
The Next Project