Booom Package

Research & Design

August - October 2022


Allison Ren

Project Type

UX Research
UI/UX Design
‍Video Production


Adobe Effect

Trend & Problem Statements

With the continuous progress and development of science and technology, in the future, we will live in the digital age, and everyone will wear AR glasses, which are needed for daily behavior, and experience the integration of virtual world and real world.
Digital packaging is an important way to solve the pollution caused by over-packaging. More and more enterprises use digital production technology to transform to sustainable packaging, and use digital interactive technology to attract users to interact with products, so as to increase profits.
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How might we use digital technology to help the Gen Z demographic appreciate the differences between digital and traditional packaging, and meet their demand for high-quality packaging?

The solution

An AR digital platform designed for Gen Z that enables them to create and purchase NFT-based digital gift packages, which offers engaging interactions through AR glasses.

Design Process

Digital package app design contains three functions, Select digital package, Design of digital package and interactions, and Interact with digital package.

Information Architecture

I designed the information architecture based on the design process. This digital package app contains five parts, Digital package homepage, search and browse, interaction library, voice assistant, and shopping cart.


Digital Package Platform

This High fidelity wireframe shows the digital packaging platform page. After entering the app, users can see the digital mall, including the popular digital package NFT recommendation. Users can swipe left and right to browse more officially launched digital package NFT and NFT designed by creators themselves.
The homepage includes popular digital packages, Digital package promotions, and shopping carts
Digital package promotions
Digital package promotion includes the Official Digital package and the Creators’ digital package. Users can choose the digital package according to their own needs and preferences.
Direct checkout
In the cart, users can see everything they have added and check out.
Direct checkout
In the cart, users can see everything they have added and check out.
Direct checkout
In the cart, users can see everything they have added and check out.
Wheel slide interactive
The wheel slide provides a new interactive way for users to select their digital packages' interactions
Stack of interaction cards
By sliding back and forth, users can select the digital package interactions.
Voice assistant
Users can directly ask the voice assistant for help, without manually dialling the roulette wheel to select interactions.

Insight & Takeaways

Exploring different platforms
Recently, Apple Co. launched the Vision Pro headset. I believe that headset applications will be the next trend, and it would be beneficial to undertake a headset project.
Utilizing various mediums
I have learned Adobe After Effects to effectively demonstrate my ideas. Given more time, I would further refine my video. However, I believe I have successfully conveyed my concept to the audience.
Enhancing high-fidelity
I have studied the features of the Vision Pro headset, particularly its incorporation of various hand gestures. To enhance the high-fidelity prototype, I should consider integrating the detail of hand gestures into the AR project.